Great Brook's Teachable Online Training School

Great Brook’s Teachable Online Training School

We’re thrilled to announce that our training classes are now available online via the Teachable platform.  Follow that link and you can

  • Access the course descriptions (which mirror the descriptions of our live, in-person class offerings here on our Great Brook site).
  • Watch 2 free Introductory modules that present:
    • Why survey design training is important
    • The critical requirements for a successful survey project followed by the curriculum in the Workshop series.
  • Register and purchase access to the training material.
  • View the material & learn — at your own pace.

“What’s the Difference Between Your Online Training Classes and Your Live, In-Person Classes?”

Answer: Only The Delivery Method

All the same survey training information is available in either our live, in-person survey training classes or our online platform.  So, to a good extent, the differences are a matter of preference.  Note that we keep the pricing consistent regardless of delivery method.  After all, you’re paying for the curriculum.

Online Training Advantages

  • Watch the videos from the comfort of your home or office.
  • No need to incure travel expenses.
  • Learn at your own pace.  You’ll have  access to the videos for 1 to 3 months, depending upon the package you purchase.
  • Weekly live group Q&A sessions with Dr. Fred to answer any questions that may arise while watching the videos.  (Note that Q&A sessions may not occur every week if we have some scheduling conflicts, like we’re on a plane…)
  • 1-on-1 coaching session is included with the purchase so that you can have your survey reviewed by our survey expert or discuss other issues in your survey program.

Live, In-Person Training Advantages

  • Real-time Q&A with the survey trainer.
  • Discussions with other workshop attendees and the instructor in the training sessions.
  • Group critique, including the instructor, of a survey instrument you’re using or designing.
  • Learn about what others in the class are doing.
  • Off-hours discussion opportunity, which usually turns into pleasant socializing.
  • Post-class review session with Dr. Fred.

Frankly, as professional educators, we feel that live, in-person training is more engaging and provides for a richer learning experience with more deep-seated learning.  But we know online training has some compelling advantages and is preferred by many.  That’s why we offer it!

Okay, There is One Small Difference —

And It’s Driven By Logistics

There’s only so many hours in the day, right?  Our live, in-person Questionnaire Design Essentials Workshop covers the modules we can teach in one day:

  • Overview of Surveying Process
  • Questionnaire Design Elements
  • Questionnaire Design Process
  • Question Design Principles
  • Exercise: Survey Instrument Critique (of a bogus survey)
  • Survey Question Formats

That’s a very full day.  But feedback we received said that some people would want a one-day option.  So we offer the above curriculum as a live in-person Questionnaire Design Essentials Workshop that is also the first day of the Survey Design & Administration Workshop.

The final module in the Questionnaire Design section of our Series, Questionnaire Design Considerations, we cover at the start of Day 2 as part of the Survey Design & Administration Workshop.

For our online school, we’re not constrained by the length of a day.  So, the online Survey Questionnaire Design Workshop includes that final module.

Yes, we know it’s a bit confusing, but we’re trying to give people options — and live within the constraints of a day’s length!

There’s No One Right Answer

Each delivery method has its advantages and disadvantages.  Pick what’s right for you.

Rest assured the training content is the same regardless of how you choose to learn.