Survey Workshop Series Pricing & Logistics

— for GreatBrook-managed public, in-person classes

The in-person, live Survey Design & Administration Workshop is a two-day event followed by the one-day Survey Data Analysis Workshop.

For those who only can only spare one day, the Questionnaire Design Essentials Workshop is the first day of the Survey Design & Administration Workshop, covering the essentials of questionnaire design.

While most people take the Data Analysis workshop right after we cover survey design, it could be taken at a different time.

We offer all the same content in our online school where you can learn the material at your own pace.  We keep consistent pricing between the delivery methods and try to match the learning experience as much as possible.

Class Times — live, in-person classes

The Survey Design & Administration class day typically runs from 8:30 am to 5 pm each day.  For the Survey Data Analysis day, we finish by 4 pm since it’s get-away day for most (including us).  Sometimes we work through the normal lunch hour on the last day and finish earlier, having a late — and more relaxed — lunch.

Survey Design & Administration Workshop registration includes:

  • Two days of curriculum — approximately 14 hours for our virtual classes
  • Workbook materials
  • Lunch and refreshments
  • Survey response rate calculator to determine the number of responses needed for different levels of statistical confidence
  • An in-class review of a survey questionnaire of your choosing
  • A post-class consultation with Dr. Fred

The one-day (7.5 hours) Questionnaire Design Essebtials Workshop does not include the in-class survey review or post-class consultation.

Survey Data Analysis Workshop registration adds:

  • One day of curriculum on data analysis
  • Workbook materials
  • Lunch & refreshments
  • Excel template with the formulas to generate the basic statistics for your interval rating survey questions, along with histograms.  The workbook has separate spreadsheets for different scale lengths.  You’ll need to insert the survey data and set up the cell ranges.
  • Excel template for Chi-square analysis and for performing t-test for percentages (also known as A/B testing)

Survey Workshop Pricing — Great Brook’s Public In-Person Classes

  • 1-day in-person workshop — the first day of the Survey Design & Administration Workshop.
  • 2-day in-person workshop.
  • 1 day in-person workshop.
  • Combined price for both the Survey Design and Survey Data Analysis Workshops
    3 days total, a 10% discount
  • International (Outside of the US) Classes
    Please note that the pricing above is for classes produced and managed by Great Brook in the United States.  We do deliver our classes internationally working through local business partners.  These partners produce those classes, handle registrations and payment, and set pricing and other policies for those events.
  • Private Classes
    We can conduct Private Workshops at your organization’s office.  We use a different pricing structure for those.  Please contact us for details.
  • All the same content can be accessed via our online training facility hosted by Teach:able.  We keep the pricing consistent between delivery methods and work to achieve a similar learning experience.

Survey Workshop Pricing Discounts & Other Policies

The material below relates to our in-person live classes produced by Great Brook. Our internationals business partners who manage classes for us outside the US have their own policies.

Early Payment Discount

Complete payment, at least 21 days prior to the workshop and receive a $50 discount for each day of in-person workshop that you purchase — or the equivalent for our virtual classes.  That’s $150 off our 3-day in-person workshop series!

“Complete payment” means your organization’s check or valid credit card information has been received by Great Brook. Providing a purchase order (PO) or equivalent does not constitute a “completed payment.” If your organization is one that only pays after services are delivered, your registration will be subject to a $50 administrative fee.

Colleague Referral / Multiple Attendee Discount

Perhaps a colleague in your company has attended one of our two- or three-day workshops (raving about it of course!), and you’d like to attend as well now that your survey program is in full swing. Get a referral from that colleague, and Great Brook will extend a discount as described below. The colleague discount also applies for multiple colleagues concurrently attending one of our workshops.

  • The second person from the organization receives $200 off the regular price.
  • The third person (and beyond) receives $300 off the regular price.

Our registration form has a place to identify your referring colleague or if you have colleagues concurrently attending.  Of course you can contact us directly to share the information with us.

With 5 or more people, consider having a Private Workshop delivered at your site.  A private workshop may be more cost effective, and it allows for in-depth discussions about your survey program not possible in a public class.  Contact us to discuss.

The above discounts apply to our 3-day Survey Workshop Series. If the new registration is for fewer than 3 days of workshop attendance, we will prorate the discount.

Return Attendance Discount

Some people who have attended our workshops contact us later to say that their survey project got put on hold and now they need a refresher. Previous attendees of one of our workshops can retake the class with a $500 discount off the regular price. Please contact us directly to make these arrangements.

This discount apply to our 3 day Survey Workshop Series.  If the new registration is for fewer than 3 days of workshop attendance, we will prorate the discount.

Survey Mentor & Audit Discounts

For customers of our Survey Mentor, Survey Audit, and Customer Feedback Audit products, we offer discounts for our Survey Workshops. Please see those pages for details. Attendees also can purchase the Customer Support Services Question Bank for a 30% discount.

Cancellation Policy

What if you have to cancel? If you cancel your registration with at least 14-days’ notice, your registration fee will be refunded in full. Cancellations with 7-to-14 days’ notice will be subject to a cancellation charge of up to $50 per day of workshop for which you were registered.  Cancellations with 7 or fewer days’ notice will be subject to a cancellation charge of up to $100 per day of workshop for which you were registered. (The charge would cover the cost of meals to which we’ve committed at the meeting venue and the cost of processing refunds, particularly on credit cards. We’re just covering our costs incurred, not trying to make “bad profit.” )

Can I transfer my registration?  You can transfer your registration to a colleague or to a later workshop delivery. A transfer would likely avoid all the cancellation charges if done with at least 7-days’ notice.

What if Great Brook has to cancel?  If we should have to cancel the workshop, we will give registrants at least 14-days’ notice. Under no circumstances will Great Brook be responsible for travel expenses or other expenses incurred by registrants.

~ ~ ~

The information here pertains to classes produced and managed by Great Brook. 

Business partners for our international deliveries have their own policies.