Questionnaire Essentials and Survey Design & Administration Workshops

Questionnaire Design Essentials Workshop is day 1 for our live, in-person delivery option.
— Our online, take-at-your-own-pace workshop offerings cover all the same material.

Survey Project Management

  • What is a survey?
  • What are we measuring in a survey?
  • What are the types of surveys?
  • What are the major challenges to getting meaningful data from a survey?
  • Why is a set of research objectives important at the start of a project?
  • What resources — people & budget — are needed for a successful survey project?

Questionnaire Design (Instrument Design)

  • What are the elements of a questionnaire?
  • Why should the invitation and introduction be treated as one?
  • What are the steps in designing a survey instrument?
  • What are the three categories of survey questions?
  • What are the proper uses of demographic questions?
  • How can we identify the questions we need to ask about service performance?
  • What is a focus group? A critical incident study?
  • Why are pilot tests so critical?
  • What are the three key characteristics of a well written question?
  • What are typical errors in question construction?
  • Why are ambiguous questions a problem?
  • How do the question types affect the analysis I can do on the collected data?
  • What type of data does each question type generate?
  • When should I use each question type?
  • What are the concerns when designing each type of question?
  • How should rating scales be constructed? Scale length, placement of the anchor labels, scale presentation, scale direction, etc.

Survey Data Analysis Workshop

Basic Analysis of the Survey Data

  • What first steps should I take when starting the analysis process?
  • Is data cleansing necessary?
  • How can I analyze comments from open-ended questions and text from interviews?
  • What type of analysis can I do
    • For multiple choice checklist questions?
    • For forced ranking or ordinal scale questions?
    • For interval rating scale questions, including likert scales?
  • Is there a quicker way to generate descriptive statistics for a range of survey questions?

Advanced Statistical Analysis

  • How can I answer “what if” questions when analyzing the data set?
  • What’s driving outcomes, for example, customer satisfaction?
  • Do the results from this year’s survey differ from last year’s survey?
  • Do the demographic segments in the respondent group differ in their survey results?
  • How can I do all this analysis with a desktop spreadsheet tool?

Presentation of the Results

  • What information should be included in the written report?
  • How best to organize and present the results?
  • What charts work best for each data type (question type)?
  • What to avoid when creating charts?