Have a number of people you want trained on how to conduct feedback and survey programs?

Great Brook can deliver “private” workshops customized to train your staff — either live in-person or remotely.

Greater value at lower cost.

Private Survey Workshops Offerings

Great Brook has developed and delivers the following workshops, which can be delivered either live in-person or virtually.

  Great Brook also has unique expertise in the strategic role for customer support.

Great Brook’s Survey Design workshop is organized well, has great content and is taught by Dr. Fred with a passion for the subject that makes it energizing. Fred has run several classes for us over the years to give our new employees the foundational structure needed to glean meaningful insights for our clients. I would recommend this to anyone interested in ensuring effective survey data collection techniques.

Our public classes mostly focus on the Survey Design and Data Analysis Workshops, but any of these can be delivered as on-site, private survey workshops, tailored to your company’s specific needs and interests.

In our private survey workshops, we have more flexibility to tailor the topical coverage to your organization’s survey program, especially in our discussions. These discussions wouldn’t be appropriate on an extensive basis in a public class with attendees from multiple organizations.

In our public survey training classes, we have a block of time dedicated to reviewing surveys that attendees bring to class. For private survey workshops we can do this same exercise or we can use the time for some other deliverable. For example, we could hold a brainstorming session facilitated by Dr. Fred to identify the questions for the survey.

Essentially, you get a targeted survey consulting engagement along with the survey training.

While we believe in-person training is more conducive to deep-seated learning, we recognize the logistical challenge if you have people geographically dispersed.  So, we also can deliver our class virtually through Zoom or the equivalent platform.  We typically structure those as a series of half-day classes.

You might consider having the Survey Data Analysis Workshop delivered a few months after the Survey Design & Administration Workshop when you have a data set from your newly launched survey ready for analysis. While our public version of the survey data analysis class lasts one day, we can extend the teaching time to 1.5 or 2 days. The added time will allow for more hands-on instruction with your actual data as the teaching examples.