The Value of Great Brook’s Survey Consulting

Loyal employees lead to good customer experiences. Loyal customers lead to long term profitability — buying more over time and providing good “word of mouth”.

But how do you know…

  • If your customers and employees are satisfied?
  • What issues they have?
  • Where you need to improve?
  • What customers are “at risk”?

  Ask them!

That’s the purpose of surveys and other listening tools – to find out how people feel about your organization, your products, your services…

But… a custom survey consulting program must be properly designed and executed.


  • A flawed survey program, especially a poor questionnaire, will generate inaccurate data, leading to bad decisions.

How do you get well designed survey programs?

That’s where Great Brook comes in.

Fred’s contributions to our customer feedback surveys over the past 5 years have been impeccable. His insights into customer behavior as well as proper survey design told us where we should focus our energy and what areas needed improvement.  We were able to setup specific programs which eventually lead to Intelerad being at the top of a KLAS Survey (a third-party healthcare survey company) in the Service area.  I welcome the opportunity to work with Fred again in the future.

After implementing Great Brook’s advice, techniques, and Fred’s suggested restructuring of the survey, we saw an immediate and substantial increase in survey completions. Additionally, the information from the new survey was exponentially more helpful compared to what we got prior to Fred’s guidance.

Our survey consulting services range from self-help, to targeted survey assistance, to full service custom survey consulting solutions.

Customer Surveying Guidebook

A self-help guide that walks you through the steps of a survey project, teaching you the critical elements of a well done survey in an easy-to-understand book. A new edition is on the way.

Survey Mentor Suite

Targeted survey consulting for your project while mentoring you about effective surveying practices.  The guidance ranges from a quick review of your questionnaire to executing the data analysis and presentation.

Custom Survey Consulting Projects

Apply our professional expertise for all or part of a survey project to deliverable meaningful results.

Survey Project Management

Are you looking for a survey expert to launch your survey program or help you manage your relationship with the survey firm you hired?  Great Brook can serve as your Survey Project Manager on an ongoing or interim basis while we mentor you on survey practices.

Customer Support Services Questionnaire Bank

Assistance for a survey program in a support service environment — short of having direct survey consulting.  It is a treasure chest of tools.