Learn to Design Surveys – Actionable Survey Questionnaires – and Build Effective Survey Programs

Organizations require feedback — from customers, employees, and other stakeholders — to survive and prosper. Surveys can capture feedback, but survey programs don’t always deliver to their promise. Our Survey Design Workshop can help deliver the promise.

Perhaps you’ve launched some surveys, but

  • The survey got a low response rate
  • Lots of people quit the survey after only a few questions
  • The message from the survey data wasn’t clear
  • No action was ever driven from the survey

So management questioned the value of the program.  And it just withered away.

Or perhaps you’re now in charge of running a survey program with no background in survey research design.  You recognize that successful survey design is more than just asking a bunch of questions.

Sound familiar?

Then the Survey Design Workshop will help you get full value from your survey program.  Our survey training will teach you how to design or improve your survey program with a special focus on writing valid survey questions.

SurveyMonkey, QuestionPro, and all the other online survey tools make it easy and inexpensive to create surveys.  They help you launch surveys fast and easy.  But they don’t train you on the critical survey design skills needed to generate actionable, useful, and valid data.

And after all, isn’t that why you’re doing the survey — to gain insights that can use?

Do it yourself,
but do it right.

Dr. Fred’s course, taken in 2012, was absolutely great. My surveys ended up well so written, I navigated the OMB (Office of Management & Budget) approval process in near record time, impressing leadership at the National Weather Service. NWS now has 18 surveys which can be freely used by the local offices to conduct post-storm event surveys on anything ranging from tornadoes to hurricanes, droughts to flash floods. The courses are fun, interactive, and very informative.

” I’ve applied everything I learned in your workshop to every survey I and my colleagues have done in the past year. It probably had the most visible and immediate impact on how I do things than any other seminar I’ve taken. ”

My team took the Survey Workshop Series by Dr. Van Bennekom.  We could not have asked for a better teacher. He teaches in a way that is both enjoyable and easy to understand. We were able to instantly look at our existing surveys and make immediate improvements.  On the back-end, we now have a better understanding how to take the survey data generated and put them into use.

This workshop not only met, but exceeded all of my expectations. The information that I gained will  support us in better questionnaire design and implementation. Dr. Fred’s candid teaching style really made a difference in. He was always open to questions and his organized methods kept us all on task to gain the most from the workshop as possible.

If you do any type of survey design, development, administration or analysis, you should absolutely take this class.  Even if you think you’re an expert, there will be something in here that will be a nugget of pure gold.

I have taken a lot of training and this was hands down the best training I have been to.

Overview of the Survey Design & Administration Workshop

The Survey Design & Administration Workshop teaches step-by-step how to create a survey program.  This intensive survey training course covers the three initial phases of a survey project:

  • Survey Project Management
  • Survey Questionnaire Design
  • Survey Administration

The next phase of a survey project, Survey Data Analysis, is covered in our companion workshop.

The Workshop’s strong focus is how to create a good survey questionnaire:

  • Determine what questions should be asked on the  questionnaire
  • Write good survey questions that generate more valid, actionable data
  • Select the best survey question format to meet your research needs
  • Design survey scales, including popular likert scales
  • Avoid common mistakes when you write survey questions

We also address survey administration issues:

  • The proper administration mode for your project
  • Survey sampling
  • Statistical confidence
  • Improve response rates
  • Reduce administration biases that may be corrupting the value of the data

Plus you will get feedback from a survey expert — and the class — on one of your own surveys.

This survey training class is appropriate for most any type of survey project — customer satisfaction survey, employee survey, member survey or market research survey. We have trained surveyors in all survey application areas.

Learn More…

Ask the right questions, in the right way.

Don’t have time for a two-day, in-person survey design class?

Then come for just the first day, which we call our Questionnaire Design Essentials Workshop.  We’ve designed the curriculum so that the basic, essential material is covered in that day.

While we feel that the second day’s material — including the survey reviews — is extremely valuable, we know that time is short for all of us.  You can always take the other days at a later time, priced as if you took them all in one trip.

Or take our virtual classes

While we firmly believe that live, in-person training is superior, remote learning is a necessity these days.  So, we are offering our classes on the Teachable online platform.  It’s all the same content.

How do our attendees rate the course?

  • 97.4% say this workshop will make them “much more effective on their next survey project”
  • 97.1% also say they would “recommend this workshop to a colleague with basic-to-intermediate survey background”