Who should attend the Survey Workshop Series?

Those attending the:

will learn invaluable skills for conducting or overseeing a survey research program.  The program focus may be customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, training program evaluation, customer product needs, or another area where survey research is appropriate. Survey workshop participants leave the class with knowledge, tools, and most importantly, the critical thinking skills to conduct a successful survey program from start to finish.

What background should Survey Workshop participants have?

Attendees should have a basic to intermediate understanding of survey research practices. We have many people attend our survey classes who have conducted several surveys only to learn how much they didn’t know — or now learned what they’ve been doing wrong.

Many participants have only taken surveys but are now developing a survey for the first time. We developed our survey courses for people like you.

For the data analysis workshop, some understand of Excel is useful, and a college statistics course will prove valuable — even if it’s mostly forgotten memories.  For survey workshop participants with no statistics training, some of the more advanced material may well prove challenging.  If you have an extensive working knowledge of statistics, the data analysis workshop may be a refresher at best.  Ask us. We’ll tell you if you’re over qualified.

What if we hired someone to run our survey program? Why would I attend?

If your organization is outsourcing its survey project, attendees will gain valuable background knowledge for selecting the right vendor of survey software and services — and for being a more successful partner with the survey outsourcer.  With the learning from the class, a survey workshop participant can focus on achieving the goals of the program and not squander time trying to understand what the outsourcer is saying. We have had attendees come to this class to achieve these goals.

Maybe most important, you’ll be able to ask the outsourcer prospects better questions during the evaluation process and then later during the implementation.

Please note: This is not a workshop about why surveys should be done. This is a “how to” workshop. Please contact us if you’re unsure if the class is appropriate for you. We’ll give it to you straight. Honest.