Presenting the survey findings to a management team can be challenging. The survey methods may be discussed more than the findings — maybe with good reason. Perhaps it’s time for a professional, independent survey audit to assess your survey program and how you capture feedback from your various stakeholders.

Great Brook offers two levels of audits for your feedback programs.

These audits are appropriate for feedback programs from any stakeholder groups — e.g., customer feedback, employee feedback, supplier feedback. The goals of the audits are to assess the validity of your feedback programs and the programs’ ability to provide actionable data for operational design and improvement processes.

Survey Audit

It’s likely that some form of survey is part of your Voice of the Stakeholder program. Great Brook offers an in-depth Survey Audit services to assess your survey program’s effectiveness and benchmark it to best practice. The survey review results will include detailed suggestions for improvement to the survey program, including refinement of the survey questionnaire. The Survey Audit can be performed independently of the Voice of the Stakeholder Audit or as part of a complementary package.

While much of the survey review can be done remotely, if possible and desired, we will schedule an on-site visit to your facility. We will examine:

  • Clarity of the survey program’s stated purpose
  • Appropriateness of the survey program design to achieve stated goals
  • Validity of the questionnaire instrument — with detailed suggestions for improvement. (Our Questionnaire Design Review product is an integral element of the Survey Audit’s deliverables. )
  • Frequency of surveying
  • Appropriateness of sampling technique
  • Response rate – and techniques used to increase response
  • Statistical accuracy of the results
  • Potential for bias in the survey results from administration procedures
  • Thoroughness of the analysis of the survey data
  • Effectiveness of the reporting and communication of the results
  • Overall ability of the survey program to achieve its goal, regardless of whether the flaws are in the design or in the execution

An immediate summary of our assessment will be delivered at the end of the site visit, if part of the survey review process, followed by a comprehensive written report. At some appropriate time later, we will return and certify that your survey has achieved good business practice.

Contact us to arrange for your Survey Audit. We’ll have some questions for you about your business, your operational processes and your current feedback program.

Why Use Great Brook’s Audit Services?

Great Brook is an independent organization with a trained researcher as its Principal and Founder. We do conduct survey projects and perform targeted survey consulting for clients, but the heart of our business mission is to teach clients to master feedback principles and infuse them into their organizations — not do it for them. We are the first — and still primary — company that trains people on survey program design and execution.

By collecting feedback properly and demonstrating the value gleaned from the feedback, the program is more likely to weather future budget cuts or cuts made by a new management team. Our business model ensures the greatest objectivity to the audit; we have no hidden agenda.

Audit Discounts

Voice of the Stakeholder Audit & Survey Audit clients receive a $100 discount on our 3-day Survey Workshop series.