Learn to Create Surveys – Actionable Survey Questionnaires

Organizations require feedback — from customers, members, employees, and other stakeholders — to prosper. Surveys can collect feedback, but survey projects and programs may not deliver their promise.

Maybe you’ve conducted some surveys, but

  • The response rate for the survey seemed low
  • You weren’t certain about the findings from the survey data
  • The survey findings led to no action within the organization

The value of the program wasn’t demonstrated.  Management just let the survey program fade away…

Or maybe you’re newly appointed to run your organization’s survey program because you were a marketing major, but your survey education consisted of one session in a market research class — and that was five years ago.  You know you need more survey training.

Sound familiar?

Then the Questionnaire Design Essentials Workshop will help you leverage the survey program for its full potential value. Our survey training will allow you to create or improve your survey projects with a special focus on writing valid survey questionnaires.

SurveyMonkey, QuestionPro, and other web-based survey tools make it simple to build and conduct surveys, but they don’t train you on vital survey design practices necessary to generate meaningful, valid survey data.

And that’s why you’re conducting the survey, right?

Do it yourself, but do it right.

“For the beginner who develops and executes the survey, this class is really helpful.  This class teaches all the design principles as well as the steps to be taken to design the survey instrument very well.”

“I have taken a lot of training and this was hands down the best training I have been to.”

Overview of the Questionnaire Design Essentials Workshop

The Questionnaire Design Essentials Workshop teaches the critical information on how to write valid survey questionnaires.  This intensive survey training class covers the two initial phases of a survey project:

  • Survey Project Management
  • Survey Instrument (or Questionnaire) Design

The Questionnaire Design Essentials Workshop’s focus is how to write a survey questionnaire that fulfills the organization’s research needs:

  • Identify what questions to ask on the survey questionnaire
  • Write effective survey questions that generate more valid, actionable data
  • Select the proper survey question format to meet your research needs
  • Design interval rating survey scales, including popular Likert-type scales
  • Avoid common mistakes when you create survey questions that can corrupt the data

This survey training class is appropriate for most any type of survey project — customer satisfaction survey, employee survey, member survey or market research survey. We have trained surveyors in all survey application areas.


The Questionnaire Design Essentials Workshop is the first day of our two-day in-person Survey Design & Administration Workshop.  In the second day  of the Survey Design Workshop we provide more coverage of questionnaire design along with survey administration.  We simply don’t have the time in 1 day to do complete coverage of questionnaire design.  That’s why we call this class “Essentials”.  (Note: in our online classes, we provide the full coverage in the Survey Questionnaire Design Workshop.)

Also on the second day, we review surveys that attendees bring to class, giving the attendee an immediate deliverable coupled with the chance for all to exercise their newfound knowledge.  It’s a favorite part of the workshop — for both students and teacher.

Our 3-day Survey Workshop Series concludes with our Survey Data Analysis Workshop  where we cover analysis of the survey data and presentation of the findings.

Note: the Questionnaire Design Essentials Workshop can be delivered as a private workshop when the organization only has time for one day of training.

How do our attendees rate the course?

  • 97.4% say this workshop will make them “much more effective on their next survey project”
  • 97.1% also say they would “recommend this workshop to a colleague with basic-to-intermediate survey background”

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