Leverage Our Survey Project Management Expertise!

Surveys, whether for feedback or research, are projects that need to be managed. Perhaps you have employees whom you know can manage the program once it’s established, but they lack the background for launching the survey program.

  We have those skills & can teach your person.

Maybe you’re hiring a firm to run the survey program, but you still need someone to manage the relationship with the survey research firm — and look out for your interests.

  Great Brook can be your voice with the outsourcer.

Or perhaps you’re tired of paying the outsourcer’s fees — with all their “black box” proprietary processes — and you want to bring the program in-house. Do you have the skills to manage the transition?

  Great Brook can manage the in-house transition process.

Great Brook is an expert on running survey projects — after all we’ve been training people how to run survey projects for 20 years. If you are looking to hire someone on a part time or temporary basis to manage or transition your survey program, we can provide that expertise. And you can get back to focusing on your core competencies confident that the survey program is in good hands.

Contact us to see how our survey project management skills can move your project forward.