Learn How To Build Out A Survey Research Program

Our Survey Design Workshop provides the essential knowledge and tools to design a valid questionnaire.  Our attendees rave about the class, but we’ve heard a frequent refrain that they’d like a more hands-on exercise to walk them through the development of a survey instrument from start to finish.

The current workshop has much experiential learning.  But as with any training class, there’s the challenging time trade-off between topical coverage and that so-desirable experiential learning.  As any of our attendees with tell you, questionnaire design is a rich topic with much territory to cover.   So…

We’re pleased to announce a new, half-day class to provide hands-on training for taking a survey research agenda from concept to design a survey instrument.

This class will follow our 1-day Survey Data Analysis Workshop.

What You’ll Learn

The Survey Design Workshop provides the nuts and bolts on questionnaire design, for example: elements in a questionnaire, types of survey questions, common errors in survey question writing, question writing tips, broad concerns for questionnaire construction.  We also critique attendees’ surveys.

In the Advanced Questionnaire Design Workshop we pull it all together.  We start with a research topic, either your own or a topic of general social interest where all attendees will have some background, such as the impact of social media or mobile devices upon family life or education.  Attendees will then:

  • Develop a set of research objectives, including a research model, with hypotheses (propositions) that could be evaluated
  • Design a plan to study the topic of interest
  • Develop a set of attributes about the topic to be measured — the descriptive phase of a research program
  • Consider possible outcome measures the would allow examining cause-and-effect relationships — the prescriptive phase of a research program
  • Start the creation of a research instrument – the questionnaire – that will measure those attributes and outcomes

These tasks will require putting to work the lessons learned earlier that week.

Obviously, with only a morning, we can’t flesh out an entire research program with a completed survey instrument, but attendees will experience the process and be well on their way into the execution phase!

The class will run from 8:30 am to noon, approximately.