CNN Survey Data Analytics: Explaining the Covid-19 Comfort Gap by Political Party

CNN’s June 2020 poll found a huge partisan difference in comfort levels with regular routines due to Covid. But is it partisan or other factors? What can we learn for our organizational surveys.

CNN Proves Conformity Bias — or Sample Bias

CNN’s poll in June 2020 attempted to measure people’s comfort level in returning to their regular routines. However, this poll proves the existence of either sample bias or conformity bias, or both.

Conformity Bias: How Social Desirability Can Affect Survey Research

Conformity Bias occurs when the respondent gives an answer that is socially desirable rather than an answer that reflects their true feelings. This bias in the data compromises the value of the data and our analysis.

Ranked Choice Voting – The Strategy To Winning RCV Elections

Current experience with an RCV election shows a lack of transparency, ease, or simplicity. But it’s not clear how to win RCV elections.