Survey Statistical Accuracy Defined

Survey accuracy numbers tell us how much we should believe the survey results as an indicator of how group of interest feels. This article describes how to interpret accuracy numbers and the the factors that affect accuracy.

Survey Sample Size Calculator

We offer a free Excel-based survey sample size calculator. Here we discuss how to use it and provide a form to request the calculator.

The Hidden Danger of Survey Bias

Perhaps the topic most inquired in the field of surveys, especially customer satisfaction surveys, is response rates. What’s a good response rate? What’s the statistical accuracy with a certain response rate? But what is sometimes missed is that the response rate should not be the only concern. Bias in the response group should be an equally important concern. Lots of responses will give a good statistical accuracy, but it’s a false sense of security if there’s a sample bias. In particular, we’ll discuss survey fatigue and non-response bias.

Survey Statistical Confidence: How Many is Enough?

Response rates and statistical confidence are always concerns for those tasked with a survey project. This article outlines the factors that determine the number of responses needed for a level of accuracy and shows how to determine the statistical confidence that can be placed in survey results.